Patreon Rawhide Rattle Kit (Advanced)

Patreon Rawhide Rattle Kit (Advanced)

Patreon Rawhide Crystal Rattle kit - Please ensure you view our Patreon Materclass video on the Rawhide Crystal Rattles before purchasing this kit.


Rawhide is a very sturdy and difficult material to sew, if you select this option for children please be aware you will need to assist them. 

With this kit you are able to select any shape to cut out and sew into your unique rattle. Below you will see what is included in each kit and some simple at home items that will be necessary to produce your beautiful crystal rattle. 


More involved kit: 

  • 2 Rawhide squares to create and sew your own shape

  • Glovers needle 

  • Sinew 

  • Stone + crystals 

  • Handle (use as plug) 

  • Nail 

  • Leather strap and seam wrap


You will need: 



Knife to widdle 

3 cups of sand any kind

Wood glue (use wood glue in place of contact cement)