Patreon Rawhide Rattle Kits

Patreon Rawhide Rattle Kits

Patreon Rawhide Crystal Rattle kit - Please ensure you view our Patreon Materclass video on the Rawhide Crystal Rattles before purchasing this kit.


These kits include a pre-sewn and shaped circular rattle form, to be filled and decorated. These kits are recommended for children. 

Below you will see everything included in your kit to create your unique Bison Crystal Rattle along with a few at home items you will need to complete your beautiful rattle. 


Simple Rattle kit: 

  • Pre-formed shell 

  • Stones + crystals 

  • Handle 

  • Leather strap and seam wrap 

  • Nail 


You will need:


Knife to widdle

Wood glue (use wood glue in place of contact cement) 


*Color of leather may vary as stock changes.