The philosophy in the making of my art.

My ancestry breathes artistic intuition into my work.


My love and passion for crafting musical instruments is innate, but the knowledge that I now possess would not exist without the guiding hands of those masters who came before me.


Over the decades, I apprenticed under several practiced and generous teachers; masters of their own craft. Each taught me to make the gifts from the Earth sing.  In the early years of my career, I dutifully trained with Kensuro, a master Japanese wood worker. Next, my skillfulness refined as the Klinkit instrument makers in Alaska taught me the beauty of simplicity and purity of line. In 1989.


I discovered my first mentor at a Rose Bowl swap meet; Javier Quijas Xyayotl an expert craftsman in Mesoamerican instruments. Finally, it was from my friend and mentor Agustin Rodiles “Tzinzuni” that I further learnt the ways of wood carving, propelled my artistic endeavors, and developed my own path to becoming a master. After years of training I find that my strongest tools continue to be my hands, vision, and mind, in addition to my saws and chisel. Years ago, I realized my dream of building my own workshop in the beautiful Modjeska Canyons of Southern California.


It is in the bright sky lights, open desert air, and babbling streams, that I study new art techniques and devote my time to sharing my knowledge with other fledging instrument makers. I’ve exhibited my work both nationally and internationally and won acclaim for my one-of-a-kind works. My unique journey has blessed me with the ability and privilege to make instruments that assist individuals in connecting with their spiritual paths.


Guillermo Martinez.