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Ixchel Flute Maya Drone

Ixchel Flute Maya Drone

**Due to demand all items are currently being made to order**

Maya Drone key A 432 hrz the frequency of the moon. Also known as the moon goddess flute came to me in a dream the stones are representative of the maiden, the mother, and the crone. Stones are moonstone, mother of pearl, and quartz. Each part of this flute has been tailored to align with the moon.

Make it a Mermaid Ixchel, where I have selected stones and crystals that not only align with the moon, but the ocean as well. Including mother of pearl, moonstone, aquamarine and ocean jasper.

These Native American flutes are handmade in Southern California.

Flute saddles vary between separate single saddles or block style saddles, if there is a specific style you prefer please let us know in the special requests of your order.

Approximate length: 22”

    Wood Type
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