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Manzano Mountain Ocarina

Manzano Mountain Ocarina

Handmade by Vianney Lopez Guillermo's newest clay apprentice. Intricately hand sculpted + tuned, each ocarina carries their own unique key + shape. Continuing to learn through my studies with Guillermo Martinez in the complexities + expansion of ancestral instrument making.


These are ocarinas made with clay of the Manzano Mountains of New Mexico holding beautiful gold mica pigments within them in addition, they are hand painted in Premium Gold.


** Please keep in mind that each ocarina will look uniquely different in size, the way it was handcrafted as well in different color, texture, shade and tune ~ it will hold its own essence and imprints. **


For sample of sounds, feel free to watch this video:

    $350.00 Regular Price
    $285.00Sale Price
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