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red cedar flute, chariot stone, eastern woodlands

Eastern Woodlands Flutes Key E, F

**Due to demand all items are currently being made to order**

The EASTERN WOODLANDS Flute key low F & E tuned in a pentatonic minor scale - Based on the early 1800’s Cherokee style flutes found in the Woodlands Tribes. There is the least known about the flutes of the Eastern Woodlands Natives. They speculate the moist climate of the area, and being the first in contact with early Europeans may be the reason for the lack of atrifacts preserved from this area. These large Native American flutes have deep rich tones. These are the largest single flutes we make. Medium to large hands required due to the finger spread and length of the flute.

When selecting Hz 432hz is generally used for sound healing, and 440hz is generally used for standard tuned instruments like piano.

Approximate length: 25.5"

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