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black walnut flute, carnelian stone, river flute

River flutes Key D, E

**Due to demand all items are currently being made to order**

The RIVER Flute key high E & high D tuned in a pentatonic minor scale - Based on the early 1800’s flutes found in Maricopa County, Arizona. These Native American style flutes were originally made of a type of river cane that can still be found growing in the Sonora desert. Named for the river cane it was traditionally made from these are the smallest flutes we make. These are small enough for a middle school aged child to handle. They also make a great travel companion due to their compact size. The River flute is recommended for small or medium hands. When selecting Hz 432hz is generally used for sound healing, and 440hz is generally used for music.

Approximate length: 16"

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