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Teotihuacan Triple Flute

Teotihuacan Triple Flute

The Teotihuacan Triple flute like our harmony flutes includes a half scale of each key with thumb hole on the back of each, and an added drone for harmonics. These beauties can be custom ordered and we do take orders just once a year in the summertime. Please email us for inquiries.

These are currently available Triple flutes that were made at the beginning of 2024 and are ready to be shipped now.

Due to the specialty nature of our triple flutes we do not accept refunds or returns on these items. Videos and photos can be provided upon request.

  • Final Sale Item. Currently Available:

    Teotihuacan Triple key F#/C#/C# 432hz in yellow cedar with ocean jasper and tiger eye $790

    Teotihuacan Triple key A/A/E in redwood with obsidian and abalone $765

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